Been busy…

Hey wanderluster’s, sorry its been a while since my last post. Life has that amazing way of taking hold and not letting to for a breath, but im back now and promising to keep you updated with some amazing stuff that is happening with Sabai Leather. I have new travels to come and keep you entertained. Exciting news about stockists taking on the label, up coming photo shoots and exhibitions as well as new stock and giving back to all those who are helping make my dreams possible. Stay tuned. Lots of love, Sabai Leather


Jetty sunrise

Not a big one today, and no camera to capture the moment. Just letting you know I was up early, or I didn’t go to bed, whatever sits well with you. But I spent a good part of the morning on the floating jetty near where we live. There were thunderstorms nearby, lightning in the sky and heavy clouds, which I’ve found is not uncommon in Samui. Myself, a small bottle of vodka and a lone cigarette sat at the worlds wonder, enjoying natures show. I truly love the ocean, it helps me calm my mind and allows me to focus on what’s important. It’s my zen. As I drank and watched the sun rise through the clouds, the darkness dissolve to light, the ocean rhythmically lapping at my ground the stillness set in and I lost track of time and thoughts. Life seems much easier when you let go, but sometimes it’s not always that easy. Sometimes it is.

Lost Keys, Gained A Moment

Today we locked ourselves out the house we are staying in for the next month or so, so we had some time to kill before the owner came back with the spare keys. So I decided to walk. There is a litter of puppies (for those who have been, dogs line the streets in Thailand) down by the jetty of the beach were staying at, and on the couple of occasions I have been down to watch them play and potter around in the sand, there is a group of little girls that visit them often to look after them. Showering them with plenty of hugs, kisses, food and water, which I think is quite sweet. I had my camera today so took a few snaps of the girls in play. The littlest one was quite the poser, always running over to me to see the final picture. I was approved with lots of smiles and giggling. I love the children of thailand, they still hold that innocence of not knowing. It’s refreshing.



Hello world!

I’d like to say welcome, as this is my first post I’ll keep it light with a hello and a little explanation as to what I’m about. Firstly I love to travel, when I was younger (still now to be honest) I’ve always wanted a job where I get to travel, and be paid for it. Well im not getting paid just yet, but i am traveling, Thailand at the moment and with no fixed address um…anywhere and all my worldly belongings packed very, very tightly into a 1×2 meter storage shed in central queensland, Australia. With no real plans for next year, as in no job, house or really anywhere to be as such, I’ve created an opportunity, I’m absolutley in love with and recently started an online business via etsy called Sabai Leather which I’m dreaming will become my day job. So here you can read about me and my life, my travels and what I see, feel, taste and touch, where I end up living if I decide to stop of course and the hopefull (fingers so tightly crossed) success of my business. Hope you stay with me and at the very least get a smile on your face from reading my blog. Leave your comments, your advice, stories, or if you have any sweet places I must see write it down. Everyone’s got a story, this is simply mine but i hope it keeps you entertained and returning for more.

Love Laura


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