Hello world!

I’d like to say welcome, as this is my first post I’ll keep it light with a hello and a little explanation as to what I’m about. Firstly I love to travel, when I was younger (still now to be honest) I’ve always wanted a job where I get to travel, and be paid for it. Well im not getting paid just yet, but i am traveling, Thailand at the moment and with no fixed address um…anywhere and all my worldly belongings packed very, very tightly into a 1×2 meter storage shed in central queensland, Australia. With no real plans for next year, as in no job, house or really anywhere to be as such, I’ve created an opportunity, I’m absolutley in love with and recently started an online business via etsy called Sabai Leather which I’m dreaming will become my day job. So here you can read about me and my life, my travels and what I see, feel, taste and touch, where I end up living if I decide to stop of course and the hopefull (fingers so tightly crossed) success of my business. Hope you stay with me and at the very least get a smile on your face from reading my blog. Leave your comments, your advice, stories, or if you have any sweet places I must see write it down. Everyone’s got a story, this is simply mine but i hope it keeps you entertained and returning for more.

Love Laura


oh and check out my new store, Sabai Leather



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