Jetty sunrise

Not a big one today, and no camera to capture the moment. Just letting you know I was up early, or I didn’t go to bed, whatever sits well with you. But I spent a good part of the morning on the floating jetty near where we live. There were thunderstorms nearby, lightning in the sky and heavy clouds, which I’ve found is not uncommon in Samui. Myself, a small bottle of vodka and a lone cigarette sat at the worlds wonder, enjoying natures show. I truly love the ocean, it helps me calm my mind and allows me to focus on what’s important. It’s my zen. As I drank and watched the sun rise through the clouds, the darkness dissolve to light, the ocean rhythmically lapping at my ground the stillness set in and I lost track of time and thoughts. Life seems much easier when you let go, but sometimes it’s not always that easy. Sometimes it is.


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